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GRC Band Cornices Manufacturers, Suppliers in Rajasthan, India


GRC Application

  • Light weight Cladding material for industry and commercial building , residential complexes and individual villas as- decorative facade or total prefab enclosure
  • Individual decorative element of various types as require in a structure , like sun screens (grills), column cladding, column capitals, brackets, keystone, window-sill and surround, cornices, cowbells, etc. as per elevation requirement of clients
  • Garden furniture like planters, benches, fountains, sundails, rocks bowls, baskets and boxes pedestals and plinthss bind baths, pool surrounds, paving and thing pergolas etc .
  • Cable ducts, trench covers, emotion and drainage channels, vary gutters, sewer liners, arirro feeding troughs etc.
  • GRC permanent formwork, bridge and deck supports, nose barriers, parapet panels, tunnel cladfing etc for roads interchange, expressways elevated light .
  • GRC Application transport railways and underground metro roil, monument, plaques, anirrol forms etc.

Installation Experts

Krishna GRC undertakes GRC Installation using skilled grc installation who has international experience. We have well equipped installation division with in house transport arrangement . all necessary tools including portable scaffolds and chain pulley block etc. using our vast experience we design individual fixings and supports ourselves . we are well versed with site safety techniques. all necessary sites regularly are followed.

Design of fixing and hardware varies from situation to situation with our experience of thousands of such cases we can assure you the best and most cost effective fixings. attached drawing show representative installations only normal GRC component have either built–in flooring like welded nut plates , wedge anchors , cast in sockets etc. direct fixing to wall takes place through use of angle cleat , expansion anchors , oversized washers etc. sometimes throded-rods are used.

Joints between components are not to be fixed with anything. one can go for either sealants , or go for overlapping joints with allowance for movement sometimes leaving open joint with clear gap of 6mm works very wall. We use stainless steel hardware and G.I. fling as per clients ‘ needs. we also take proper precautions to avoid advance correction.

Surface finishes

  • KRISHNA GRC OffORS GRC Componet in wido range of finsshoo sliko
  • White smooth pigment
  • White colour painted stone
  • Acid washed
  • Saneblasted
  • Acitech veneer Backed
  • Colour Pigment
NOTE: As GRC user inon coddle based pigment,colour variation in shade is expected.dark colors tend to fade.
GRC Dome Manufactures,Suppliers & Installation in Rajasthan, India